Providing Accessibility Solutions

Here at assist-Mi we like to provide real solutions to real problems and one of the ways we are looking to help disabled travellers on the move is through our new Smartphone app.
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  • [symple_button color=”blue” url=”/assist-mi-app/car-park-assist/” title=”Watch Video: Car Park Assist” border_radius=””]Watch: Car Park Assist[/symple_button]
  • [symple_button color=”blue” url=”/assist-mi-app/train-assist/” title=”Watch Video: Train Assist” border_radius=””]Watch: Train Assist[/symple_button]
  • [symple_button color=”blue” url=”/assist-mi-app/hotel-assist/” title=”Watch Video: Hotel Assist” border_radius=””]Watch: Hotel Assist[/symple_button]
  • [symple_button color=”blue” url=”/assist-mi-app/airport-assist/” title=”Watch Video: Airport Assist” border_radius=””]Watch: Airport Assist[/symple_button]
  • [symple_button color=”blue” url=”/assist-mi-app/train-to-airport-assist/” title=”Watch Video: Train to Airport Assist” border_radius=””]Watch: Train to Airport Assist[/symple_button]
  • [symple_button color=”blue” url=”/assist-mi-app/hospital-assist/” title=”Watch Video: Hospital Assist” border_radius=””]Watch: Hospital Assist[/symple_button]

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Developed to be available for Smartphones, the assist-Mi app uses GPS technology and two-way messaging streams to provide tailored, real-time, information and communications to disabled people on the move.       The assist-Mi app is a totally accessible solution allowing users to find and request the services they need in a way and at a time that is convenient to them.
Take a look at our videos to see how this great new solution will work.