assist-Mi talks Access and Inclusivity at Apple

On Saturday 14th November, assist-Mi were invited to the Apple Store in Glasgow to talk all things disability and accessibility.

The assist-Mi team gave an overview of the app and its origins, a demonstration of how it worked, and answered questions from the floor on it’s use and functionality.

One of the things that was highlighted was how integral to the design of assist-Mi is it’s accessibility and inclusivity. It was designed so that anyone can use it, and in turn, benefit from it.


It was great to meet people at the event who all had varying requirements from the assist-Mi app, but all could use the amazing features of assist-Mi. Whether you are visually impaired, hard of hearing? or mobility impaired or a wheelchair user - we have worked tirelessly to ensure that assist-Mi is usable to everyone, and more importantly useful to everyone!

We strive to use Technology as an enabler, a ‘barrier-breaker’ and simplifier, and after years of development we know that we have a solution to help lead the #AccessRevolution! As with all things in the world of technology, we are constantly evolving the app, making it as powerful yet as simple as possible.

The team at Apple were extremely receptive and supportive in helping to create a more inclusive and accessible world, and were thrilled to see the assist-Mi app really using the full capabilities of the phone’s assistive technology in action.

We can’t wait to build a whole host of providers in and around Glasgow area, and with the help and encouragement of the likes of Apple, we know we can get there in the near future.