Making You Accessible To New Markets

assist-Mi will always champion the disabled and people with limited mobility, we are passionate about providing tools that empower and about getting these tools into the mainstream sectors that provide the fabric of society.

Many companies and organisations are not as accessible as they could be to anyone with limited mobility; whether they are of limited mobility, temporarily incapacitated or elderly, people still need to access services. assist-Mi can help your organisation be at the 'crest of the wave' of socially responsible  and commercially aware companies that are using technology to become accessible to this underserved market.

We offer a consultancy service to large companies and organisations across a variety of sectors that wish to identify stategies to enhance their customer's experience  through the use of our app which can be adapted to perfectly fit their business model or simply plugged in to an existing app that needs monetising.

With an ageing population globally assist-Mi's clients and partner companies are positioning themselves to deliver products and services in new and innovative ways and we'd love to help your organisation do the same.

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