Empowering equality for disabled people

In anticipation of the launch of the groundbreaking app, Assist-Mi are teaming up with the online community Disability Horizons to help spread the word to disabled people, UK businesses and other potential collaborators. We need you to join the conversation!

Assist-Mi aims to make it easier for disabled people to request assistance from a service provider via their smartphones. Assist-Mi want service providers ranging from transport operators to owners of everyday local amenities to join the platform; and empower their disabled customers to receive assistance.

Proudly sharing the same vision, Assist-Mi and the Disability Horizons community want to empower disabled people and encourage everyone to live their lives as independently as possible, which is why we are working together to motivate new businesses to sign up and share our vision.

Assist-Mi and Disability Horizons also want to encourage UK businesses to embrace the Assist-Mi app so that they can comply with and expand upon the Equality Act 2010 and really help to improve people’s day-to-day lives.

While being able to get on a train, go to a meeting, or pick up your weekly shop may seem like simple acts, to many disabled people there are still huge barriers in place which prevent them from engaging with the services that so many take for granted. These issues are not new either, in fact disabled people in the Disability Horizons community have been writing articles about these issues for years now. By collaborating we hope to offer disabled people and businesses real, tangible ways of breaking down these barriers and helping to improve services throughout the UK.

We therefore encourage you all to engage with us on Twitter and Facebook, give us feedback on the app once it has launched, and share our posts with your network. This way we can get as many people involved in this game-changing project as possible, and make sure equality is truly at the heart of British business. So whether you want to use the app yourself, or get in touch with us about adding your business to our database, Assist-Mi and the Disability Horizons community are here to help.