To take part in the Remploy pilot simply download the app and help us create a more accessible future.

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How to get the best out
of the Remploy pilot

Remploy is partnering with assist-Mi® over the next couple of months, to pilot the assist-Mi app.

Remploy improve the lives of disabled people and those with health conditions through the power of work, by creating real job opportunities and building careers.

If you are visiting the Caledonian Road, Worcester or Yardley branches over the next few months, you can benefit from using the app to request further assistance.

Once you have downloaded the app, search for the office location you are heading to. The office reception will receive the request and send their acceptance.

All you need to do is turn up and assistance will be ready and waiting!


  1. Download the assist-Mi app on your mobile device, iOS or Android.
  2. Register with Mi-Profile.
  3. Request assistance at one of your three Remploy branches.

The pilot will run from the following dates for a period of 12 weeks at each branch:

Thursday, 23rd April
Virginia House, Worcester Branch

Monday, 27th April
Caledonian Road, London‏‏ Branch

Tuesday, 19th May
Coventry Road, Yardley

How do I take part?
Simply download the assist-Mi app and become part of the #AccessRevolution!
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User Guide
Download our User Guide for further instructions.
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Come and Join Us in changing the world!

assist-Mi® is an assistance app that offers help to disabled users on the go, allowing you to be more independent when accessing everyday goods and services.

The assist-Mi app removes barriers and connects the user directly with service providers to request real-time assistance at the touch of a button.

Why is the app unique?

The assist-Mi® app uses simple to use GPS technologies and two-way messaging, so service providers are ready for the disabled users’ arrival. Requests for assistance can all be made and accepted in real-time.

The service provider will understand the accessibility needs from a user’s personalised Mi-Profile™, so that you can arrive with full confidence that your individual requirements will be met.

The app also provides a directory of service providers, shops and offices that are accessible and can provide assistance. You can also find out about their accessibility arrangements and services offered.

Audio Described version available here

assist-Mi’s unique features include:

  • Mi-Profile ™ - presenting users’ accessibility needs, allowing the service provider to change the assistance to suit the individual.
  • assist-Mi Messenger - allowing communication between user and service provider when requesting assistance.
  • Smart GPS Technology - alerting the service provider to the users’ arrival.
  • Accessibility features for simple app navigation.
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We need you

Support the movement

This assist-Mi app has been built and we’re in advanced discussions with a number of global brands to offer assist-Mi to their clients, but we need you to help us drive the message further into the consciousness of businesses across the UK.

Sign-up to be part of a growing number of people that are saying yes to change, yes to a more accessible world for everyone.

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